Exit Planning

All business owners will eventually leave their business, whether it is because they chose to sell the business to outsiders, insiders, or family, or because they pass away and leave the business to their heirs.  Exit planning is the process of taking control of how an owner will exit the business and taking steps to maximize value in the case of a sale, or ensure a smooth transition if the business is being left to family members.  The professionals at Waypoint Private Capital specialize in helping business owners prepare for the sale of a business by identifying those areas of the business that should be improved prior to the sale and putting a plan in place to make those improvements.  In 100% of the businesses we have sold, we have wished we had the opportunity to work with the owners one to three years in advance of the sale because we could have helped them improve the value of the company.


  • Financial Planning and Analysis (FP&A)

  • Financial Modeling and Budgeting

  • Management Dashboards and KPIs

  • Advice and Guidance from Experienced Financial Executives

Business Plans and

  • Prepare Startup or Expansion Business Plans

  • Prepare Board of Directors Presentations

  • Prepare Investor Presentations


  • Identify Primary Issues Causing the Need for a Turnaround

  • Devise and Implement Turnaround Strategy

  • Investor and Lender Communications and Negotiations

  • Vendor and Partner Communications and Negotiations


  • Help Management Understand the M&A Process and What Is Involved

  • Assist Management in Preparing for the Future Sale of the Business

  • Identify and Eliminate Risks that Decrease Value When Selling the Company

  • Reduce Costs that Decrease Value When Selling the Company

  • Focus Management on Initiatives the Will Increase Value at Exit