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Business Valuation

What Is My Business Worth?

Most owners have 70-80% of their net worth invested in their business, yet have never had it valued by a professional. Understanding how much your business is worth is the first step to selling your business. 

Business Value Is
More Than 
Just a Number

Know How Much Your Business is Worth BEFORE Selling Your Company

Whether you're thinking of selling your business now, or sometime in the next 3-5 years, getting a professional business valuation is the first step to selling your business. It can also be the basis for strategic planning that will build value in your business prior to selling. 

Business value transcends more than just numbers by encompassing the goodwill, reputation, customer relationships, and potential for future growth that a company holds. Understanding the full worth of a business before selling enables an owner to negotiate effectively, ensuring they receive a fair price that reflects both tangible and intangible assets.


Waypoint Private Capital has been selling businesses and providing business valuations since 2009. Our valuations are based on real-world experiences and transactions. We know what buyers look for in a business, what they value, and how they formulate offers. 

Before Your Sell

Get a Complimentary Business Valuation

Waypoint Private Capital offers complimentary business valuations to privately held businesses. During the valuation process, our team of advisors will analyze the following areas for your company. 

  • Product and service offerings

  • Competitive advantages

  • Management team

  • Growth opportunities

  • Intellectual property

  • Industry and its outlook

  • Revenue and profitability trends

  • True EBITDA after making appropriate adjustments

The information you provide will remain confidential and will not be shared with any third-party company or organization. 

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Our Business Valuation Is For

  • Owners who are ready to sell now

  • Owners who are planning to sell in the next 3-5 years

  • Owners who want to increase the value of their business

  • Internal decision making

  • Profitable businesses
    ($200K + pre-tax net Income)

Our Business Valuation is Not For

  • Estate planning

  • Tax purposes

  • Divorce or litigation

  • Bankruptcy

  • Distressed businesses

  • ESOP's

  • Reports required to be certified

Ready to
Get Started?

No Charge. No Pressure. 

Thinking about selling your business? Getting a professional business valuation to understand its true market worth will maximize your returns and attract the right buyers. 

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