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What Is My Business Worth?

Most owners have 70-80% of their net worth tied to their business, yet don’t really know what their business is worth. They have never had a professional valuation of their business done for them.  Understanding how much your business is worth is important for financial planning, retirement planning, exit planning, and selling or transitioning from your business.

Know Your Business' Worth
Before Selling Your Company

Business Valuations of Privately Held Companies


The professionals at Waypoint Private Capital focus on helping business owners who are considering the sale of their privately held business understand the current valuation of their business. We are passionate about helping business owners plan for the future or complete a transaction and do our analysis and prepare our reports with that in mind. We do not conduct business valuations for any sort of legal dispute or tax issues.


Value Enhancement Strategy Advisory

In 100% of the businesses we have sold, we wished we had the opportunity to work with the owners of the company one to three years in advance of the sale because we could have helped them significantly improve the value of the company.


Not only do we know how companies are valued, but we understand how buyers look at companies and where they ascribe value or see value destroying risks.  As a business owner, you are likely focused on the hundreds of details involved in the day-to-day operations of the business.

The team at Waypoint is focused on maximizing the valuation of a business when it sells, so if we start working with you one to three years in advance of your planned sale, we can help you significantly enhance the value of your business.

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