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Private Equity Firm Adding Value: A Brief Case Study

Waypoint Private Capital provides a brief overview of how a private equity firm can grow a business and create jobs.

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In 2008 Coating Excellence International, LLC, a Wrightstown, Wisconsin flexible packaging manufacturer, was acquired by Wisconsin based private equity firm Mason Wells and CEI’s management team. Since 2008 Mason Wells has invested in excess of $10 million in plant and equipment, acquired a competitor’s ream wrap business, opened a second 100,000 sq. ft. production facility, and expanded the employee base by over 30 percent from 419 to 547 people. This is just one example of a private equity firm using its capital and expertise, while working with management, to grow a company and benefit a community.

During this heated political season business owners need to discount the negative publicity surrounding the private equity industry and try to understand the facts. Private equity firms globally have $949 billion of callable capital reserves ready to invest. A good portion of that capital will be invested in companies to help them grow. However, the professionals at the private equity firms will not just invest the money and hope for the best. They will get involved with the company and add tremendous value by bringing strategic and operational expertise, as well as invaluable industry contacts.


About Waypoint Private Capital

Waypoint Private Capital is an investment banking firm that advises the owners and management teams of middle-market companies through critical stages of their business' life cycle. Waypoint helps business owners sell companies, buy companies, raise equity and debt capital for growth and recapitalization, and plan for a successful exit from the business.

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